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Every Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing company needs properly constructed Agreements, Terms, Policies, and Disclaimers to protect them and their sales force. MLMlegaldocs™ makes getting the documents you need... simple!


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Mel Atwood
President of

“Fantastic! Finally, a comprehensive guide and set of Legal Documents for MLM and Direct Selling companies. Never before has there been such an easy, all-in-one-place, complete source like MLMlegaldocs™ .”

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Christoper Stubbs
Operations Expert

“A refreshingly new & practical solution! The legal documents we need are right here, easy to personalize and quickly put to use. Say goodbye to hours of back and forth review and expensive billings.”

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Gil Ortega

“It's the smart, affordable, and comprehensive choice for budget conscious Network Marketing Companies. Start-ups no longer need to short cut their legal document foundation with MLMlegaldocs™. Great product!”

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Doris Wood

Why did it take so long? MLMlegaldocs™ is a necessity for our profession. It will save a tremendous amount of money and time for new companies. Instead of 'stealing' legal documents from others, not knowing if those documents are legal or not, start-ups can be assured of the quality offered by MLMlegaldocs™. Those who have previously plagiarized materials can now make sure their materials are up to date and within legal guidelines. Congratulations!”

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Peter Mingils
Owner of MLM.News

“I am extremely impressed with the documents available on MLMlegaldocs™. I know several MLM companies that could have saved many thousands of dollars getting started with this product. The money and time they would have saved and had availble for other projects would have really helped. This is a must for any company starting out.”

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Michael Hamburger

MLMlegaldocs™ is brilliant. The creators are well known and highly respected for there insight and knowledge of the legal side of the MLM world. This is exactly what any start-up MLM company requires to shave valuable TIME and MONEY off of their launch timeline without sacrificing quality. Where was this when I was starting an MLM company years ago?

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